This is the first [non prototype] Steam Punk bottle lamp and is a 70cl Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle lamp with 100 white LED lights inside, fitted into a 15mm copper frame. All of the cable runs through the frame and exits at the rear through a silicon sealed home in the copper end cap.
Steam Punk II - Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bar.
This is a concept idea we are trialling so this is the very first attempt at a Steam Punk bottle lamp. It has a 70cl Smokey Black Famous Grouse whisky bottle at it's heart and that is filled with 160 bright white multifunction LED lights.
Steam-Punk- Project Prototype. Famous Grouse
1 ltr Martini Rosso bottle lamp, with 160 warm white LED lamps inside and it has a generously long cable so that it can be placed flexibly around your home.
1 ltr Martini Rosso bottle lamp
Twisted Green. Unique “pyramid” shape bottle. 160 bright white lights
Twisted Green. Unique “pyramid” shape bottle Lamp.
1.5ltr Gordons gin OPTIC lamp. 160 bright white lights
1.5ltr Gordons gin OPTIC lamp